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Longer Works:
Dissertations, Theses, Books

Editing costs for dissertations, theses, and books are primarily based on per-word estimates, which vary significantly, depending on the needs of the writer. The following chart provides a general guide.

(N.B. All prices listed are estimates, and are based on standard turn around times. Rush jobs will incur additional costs).

Proofreading: Punctuation, grammar, usage, spelling, proofreading for mechanical errors, style guide adherence, references

   10-25 mpp*

   .02-.04 cents/word


Copy editing

More comprehensive editing for content, readability, flow, organization, academic voice, word choice, design, and style

.05-.07 cents/word

Fluency Editing

For non-native English speakers; heavier editing of sentence structure and word choice to ensure all writing is at native English level

.07+ cents/word (depending on English fluency)

Hourly Rate: $75

General formatting:

Margins, pagination, headings, block quotes, references

   1-3 hours

Preparation of preliminary pages:

Title page, signature page, acknowledgements, dedication, table of contents, list of tables/figures, abstract

   1-3 hours

Production of final hard copy

   1-2 hours

Tables (per table)

   10 minutes to 1 hour

Initial Review & Cost Estimates


Shorter Works:
Scholarly articles, Short- and long-form articles, newsletters, papers, presentations, etc.

I am happy to provide a free editing quote for shorter works (>50 pages). You need to send your work -- in whatever standard format is convenient -- and describe the editing services you believe you require, as well as your desired time frame. Please also include your name and email address. I will promptly review your work and get back to you with an estimated cost.

Get a free estimate.


In general, half the of the cost of the project will be due up front. Once I have completed the work I will contact you for the second half of the payment which must be received before I return your edited document.

Unless otherwise discussed, I will provide you with two copies of your edited work: one in which all changes have already been accepted (a "clean" copy), and one in which you will be able to view, and review, all tracked changes, enabling you to decide whether or not to accept suggested edits.

Questions? Contact me.

The editing process for longer works of writing begins with me reviewing your document and doing a

sample edit, spending 1-2 hours doing so. The fee for this sample edit is $200.00. If you decide to hire me for the

editing of the whole of your project, this cost then goes toward the total editing costs. 

At this stage, you would also get an idea of my editing work and I gain a better idea of how long it would take to

edit your whole document. 

After sending you back the sample edit, I would send you a proposed contract to consider. The proposed contract

is my best estimate, which depends upon the extent of editing required, or desired, to produce a high-quality

finished product. Additional charges may be added for formatting the text and/or tables, preparing the front

pages (per your school’s specifications), including the table of contents; providing overall formatting; editing

the reference list, and consultation time.

The primary aspects of the contract are 1. the costs involved broken down into per-page text editing,

reference list editing, preparing the front pages, etc.; 2. payment terms; 3. my commitment to you to do

the best job I possibly can based on time line and date of completion

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